I’m looking out my office window down onto an area in the CBD call “Spaggette Junuction”. Its very heavily populated with ant like trails of motorway crawing at peak time south, north and west… under and over like spaggette. Out west I can see the distant ranges.. or the weather that slides down off them and progressively blankets the city. In front of me is the city, sky rises and big office blocks spattered along the skyline. Its like being right in the centre of a big puzzle, looking down into it.

I like my view. I’m a hop, skip and a jump from my favourite shopping street, my favourite local bar, and opp shops! Excellent! Even popping out at lunch time today I scored a tidy vinyl jacket. Considering I don’t like spending large amounts of money on things like that its a wonder that I managed to find one cheap.. Zips and and studs.. cliche but on trend. Just becuause it is 26 degrees outside I can still rock a leather (look) jacket at night! No one said you could dress on trend and under budget…

My look for tonight is xtra thrifty:

Metalic slasher 80’s capri leggings $6 Look Smart on K rd
60’s big round sunglasses give to my by a friend
Unbranded leather look vinyl jacket $20 Paperbag princess on K rd

I just haven’t decided which shoes to choose between yet however… what do you think?

New Rock Flame Boots

or Demonia Platform Buckle Boots

So going to see Wayne Anderson and The Masters of Metal perform tonight at the Kings Arms pub. Its a very dirty raw kind of place, but if you walk in there you know your gonna get accosted with good rock n roll. My genre tastes in music vary all over the show but I feel more rounded because of it. Appreciating lots of differnt types of music is like having going to a vinyard and having a taste of everything.. You don’t want to taste everything all at once but over a whole day you end up very very merry.

I’ve been rather slack over the last two years with my blog writing. However having changed jobs I’m feeling more inspired as well as having more personal time and flexability to write and share what I’m doing or recommending to you. Its Christmas and not too far from New Years. Resolutions? This is definately one of the top ones on my list. Second to that is giving my little Datsun 1200 coupe a bit of TLC and polishing her up to new – or Retro new ans she’s older than me – 1973!

I shall write more tomorrow – I’m off to top on my fruit for today – 3:00pm hunger!

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