but today I am Cinderella…

The Music Awards were yesterday…

I felt awesome… I had a gorgeous dress, shoes that matched even tho they were almost impossible to walk in and there were photographers and alcohol a plenty.

Feeling like a Rock Star can never be under-rated! Feeling like a wild thing makes you do wild things… And some wild things should just remain secrets. I’ll store it later for the sealed pages of my memoirs!

My girlie company only had a “comp” ticket so couldn’t join me in the VIP area. I was, so to speak, “swanning around trying not to make a goose of myself”. Dunno if that worked.

I had an AMUSING time while it lasted.. The kind that you sit back afterwards and guffwar about thinking about it!!!!

I think I hyped myself up more than I should have. Or sitting next to people I didn’t know made me weirdly shy.
I missed out on catching up with a couple of friends too cos I couldn’t find them, and no one bothered telling me when they were looking for me. *sigh* I probably should have looked harder! Haha.

One lives and learns! It was my cinderella night. “Get the Car out and go home by midnight.”
I KNOW the pictures will turn out fantastic. I have a few from the offical photo booth in actuall photos (wow in this internet age) to scan and upload! lol

Exciting things coming – IN PRINT, soon hopefully!

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