Warning: Photo overload

I love it when its a bit quieter, slightly less hectic. Gives me time to do a re-count on my Brain cells! Ha.

Friday was a dance party called “Illogic” and the theme was Shanghai Nights. I like it when an event has a theme.. its like inspiration that I can twist up with my creative lisence! It was very much an old school hard house party, and it was great to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in a while! HOWEVER – I have outgrown hard house and much MUCH prefer my Electro and Breaks now days.. And thankgoodness I had those squichy fluro orange things called Ear Plugs to save my ears. ( No Tinitus for me!)

Me and my POSSY of gorgeous girls dressed as Geisha’s – trust me makeup like that doesn’t just take 5 minutes! Getting dressed up is often half the fun! :-O


I am practing my Photoshopping – Its fun and such a relief to be able to do little things MYSELF!

Saturday… Well I don’t have pix here atm Thanks to work Blocking Facebook I can’t access the URLS to post them up. Silly thing about that –

facebook.com = Blocked
apps.facebook.com = Not Blocked (well not yet) haha

Silly IT people, and I don’t even consider myself a Nerd – (maybe I’m wrong!)
A similar sort of thing works with You Tube too! haha.

Anyway! I didn’t have work or anything which was nice, I really needed a chillaxed evening. Friends of ours were having a leaving party so we headed along and had a boogie.. Not the best tho, Music was FAR too loud – its a pet peeve of mine, but once you’ve asked for it to be turned down and nothing happens you get over it, stuff loo paper in your ears (or earplugs if I remembered to bring them) and have fun. Was good seeing them as they venture away from little NZ and off to Melbourne!

Sunday… I BOUGHT MYSELF A CAMERA! Weeeeeee Now it Looks like an SLR size camera but its not..
I could have had a Cannon 30D but I decided it was too big, heavier and impractical for me to carry around. Big Camera + Big costume could = disaster!
I love it – its nice an light and small enough to fit into my HelloKitty handbag – HAHA

So I’ve being going SNAP HAPPY!

There are cool effects on the camera – like this one where its desaturated half the photo – I intend to photoshop the background tho – Bur the detail out. Ha..

This is my Lunch on Monday – YUMMY! and only cost me $3. Deal!

And a first attempt at Myspace Angle Haha!
Anyway thats enough photos!

Pet pevea for this week: (other than LOUD NOISES) People who try to help TOO much! What are my hands PAINTED on? Yes I can see that it says “click to install” I’m quite capable of clicking that myself OK! Oh and picking movies, JUST becuase I pick up one off the shelf and laugh does not mean this is the only type of movie I like OR does it mean that I’m not open to other suggestions or Generes.
Just cos I have my own little special world does not mean I’m not prepared to step out of it and learn! Grrrrrrrrrrr Being steriotyped over still little things like the first video you pick up or your entertainment prefrence REALY FUCKING FRUSTRATES ME! *listen*to*what*I’m*trying*to*tell*you*!!
Don’t do your nut in at me when you can’t ever remember things I’ve asked you!

*deep breaths*

Thanks – I needed to rant! Haha 😛 Untill next week – Adious!


Phlossie McBoomBoom!

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