So after no sleep and directly after arriving back in Auckland from a performance filled adventure in Wellington I’m off to a photo shoot with David Broome. He’s a great photographer and pretty sweet on tricky lighting setups.
So feeling giggly and full of sleep deprived humour I proceeded to pose in gorgeous 1920’s themed clothes.. (read unflattering awful) but with a couple of antique furs and lovely makeup by Maz of Jaded Sphinx and Leonard an amazing stylist I was feeling alto better!
The photos are GORGEOUS…! I really can’t wait to see them.  Shooting with three other models was also a change! Its not often I get to do group shots so I was excited by the challenge! More fabulocity for the portfolio!

P.s.  Yes this is real fur but its old, even well older than me.  Holding it did slightly creep me out.   My views are that if its Antique, as old as the hills and the such like, its not doing the world any detriment by being worn – in this case for a period photo shoot….
I am however against the killing animals today and wearing their fur…. exceptions maybe the opossum which is a pest and endangering other natural New Zealand native animals etc.

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