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Club Kids are coming… Slowly infiltrating our club scene…!

Where did the Club Kids originate from?

The Club Kids were a group of young club goers led by Michael Alig and James St. James in the late 1980s and early 1990s This group was famous for their outrageous costumes and extensive drug use. At one point, they were on the payroll of several clubs for doing nothing but showing up with an entourage of Club Kids in order to draw more customers to the clubs. The 1998 documentary and the 2003 feature film, both called Party Monster, were based upon the memoir Disco Bloodbath by Club Kid James St. James, an autobiographical recount of his life and the Club Kids.

I am promoting the outrageous costumes, the colour and exuberance of the Club Kids to bring them into Clubs today as a extra dimension to events – Exactly the thing that draws people into a scene or event and creates that amazing WOW factor…

Connecting our country with the clubbing culture of the rest of the world! Weather it an event themed, colour co-ordinated, cyber, fetish, rainbow, gay, straight, commercial, rock and roll, or anything else you could possibly invent….

Club Kids can do it all.

If you as an event promoter, Dj, or band want Club Kids at your event please let me know… I can help organise to make an impact at your event, go-go or stage dancers and promo girls and guys.

I now have a Photo album solely dedicated to Club Kids at a range of different events in the last 12 months! Very hard to miss, extensively photographed, and fabulous.

Hope you enjoy!


Miss Phloss

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