If I were to begin this story about going into business for myself truly I wouldn’t have a place to start, because true tails have no beginning, nor end. However as I have the constrains of this page you will have to use some creative imagination and take this as the snapshot of time that it is, the part of my cycle of change.

That change happened this time last spring, on a warm day that marked the turn of the seasons, a welcoming warmth. I was visited by a magickal gift of inspiration, one that wanted to be realized immediately. I was at a workshop learning Tarot, ready to create, build and grow, looking for a thing to be passionate about. I had gone in with the intention of expanding my journey with tarot, an open spirit least expecting the idea that has taken hold of me and grown over the last 12 months.

Working for myself

I’d grown up differently, being home-schooled in a religious family, then becoming the rebellious teen following my destiny or if you choose to call it so, fate. I had a stubborn and independent nature, and chose to follow it in any direction it would take me so long as it was exciting. Such a mindset and personality, as you could imagine has trouble being bound to conservative rules and the corporate way of life. I’d been absorbing all the knowledge, skill and expertise that world could give me along the way, not knowing what change was on my doorstep.

The Gift of Inspiration

Recently I was listening to a podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert, about the gift of inspiration. How it can be considered a magickal energy looking for a human form for it to be realised. Have you had that moment when someone else “had, did or realised something that was Your Idea once? Maybe you had not been ready to devote the time and energy to bring that idea, that plan, that book, that business into life, so it moved on. Looking for a human form open and ready to dedicate to realising it’s full true potential.

I feel like that warm sunny spring day in Daylesford, I was visited by my own magickal idea, and my course shifted, in a way I’d lest expected! It felt right, I felt full of energy and excitement, I felt closer somehow to my life’s purpose. Little did I know that I was about to enter 12 months of the most intense learning curve, and of personal growth. I don’t yet know if this cycle has passed, or if I am yet still in the midst of it. That excitement I wanted, chased and longed for was all up in my business.

Expressing my authentic self through my work

Being creative comes in all forms. I used to think that singers, artists, dancers and the like were given the gift of creativity. I couldn’t sing well, my dancing was all long hours of training, and not nearly as much natural talent as I wished for. It was in this moment of inspiration that I realised I could live creatively, work creatively, and express my self any way I wanted. So I did. I built an online community, that works differently, that sees Esoteric people as collaborative partners who can help each other, share and grow together. I saw my graphic design skills work magick on with teaching others tarot, my nerdyness create a magickal online home for a psychic medium. I felt my wheel of fortune in motion and felt excited about my change of course, and the coming to a truer realisation of how I could apply my skill and passion.

Giving back to the community        

I know this gift of inspiration may not always be with me, even now it sometimes leaves, and it becomes long hours of slog and hard, hard work. In the back of my mind I know that I may be on my wheel of change right now, but I will not be there for long. I must trust time to work it’s magick, and share as much of my gift as I can, while I can. Hopefully it will grow, and take me with it on it’s next change of direction and maybe then I can step back and see the bigger picture in what is to come. As we try to construct boundaries around what is and is not, I try to live with this thought in the back of my mind. My magickal inspiration chose me, so I must do my best to realise it, share it with the community. It wants to help build, grow and collaborate with so many of you, some whom I’m sure have not even come into my life yet. I was led into a world where tarot was loved, lived by and embraced for a reason. I must share and give back the magick and joy it has given my life.

IF this spoke to you – we should collaborate together!