Burlesque by, for and about the queer community

First it is a burlesque night, with acts supporting the LGBT community. Queerlesque is fun and sexy but still with a message — my favorite kind of burlesque.
Secondly, there are very few burlesque performers in New Zealand who are not feminine. Very few are masculine, regardless of their gender identity. Sometimes performers play with drag a little with an obviously fake mustache but never truly taking on a masculine role. Nor are there many masculine women or trans-masculine performers taking the stage. Burlesque performers who are in drag, genderfucked, masculine, identifying as butch, boi or other identities are few and far between.
Third, I have many friends who are burlesque performers and frequently go to shows. But as I look around at the shows, I never saw or felt “family.” Of course, I’m sure there are other queer or other LGBT folks at shows that I couldn’t identify— but the fact that I couldn’t identify anyone intrigued me. Why wouldn’t queer people also want to see burlesque? Was it possible that they just didn’t have a safe space or performers who they knew were there to entertain them specifically?
Queerlesque NZ

 And so, Queerlesque New Zealand begins. I describe it as “burlesque by, for and about the queer community”. To me, queer identities challenge conceptions of gender, sexuality. Queerlesque aims to provide a safe stage for performers of all gender identities, expressions, and styles.

If you are a Queer performer and are interested in getting involved with the Event, please email Queerlesquenz@gmail.com 
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