The event is, literally, Sketchy.  The event has now spread almost world wide including our country, lil old New Zealand. The characters involved are bizarre, including Tank Girl, circus freaks, punks, Victorian poets, fifties housewives, an evil Santa and opium-den dwellers. It even turned up in a prison last week.

Welcome to the surreal world of Dr Sketchy, in particular the local branches of a global “Anti-Art School” network originating in New York and described as “fringe performance” – a crossover between pop culture, cabaret, burlesque and drawing classes.  Doctor, they like your medicine, as the song goes. New Zealand’s branches in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch are flourishing with inventive, character-driven themes, as a night with the Auckland crew illustrates, in every sense.

Dr Sketchy was originally set up by an art school drop-out from Brooklyn, Molly Crabapple. Founded in 2005, she asked a simple question, ‘Why can’t drawing naked people be sexy?’ With the increase of interest in burlesque due to the popularity of celebrities such as Dita Von Teese and Lady Gaga, the event has become a worldwide movement.

Combining performance and visual art, there are Dr Sketchy events in 50 countries. In New Zealand there are already regular running events in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland and Nelson and more!!

For more detailed history and information on the fabulous Dr Sketchy go to

AucklandYou Live Event Dr Sketchy Pain Awareness Sept 21 2010

Remember candy floss? So sugary sweet it made your teeth hurt & yet your childish brain demanded more, more, MORE until your brain collapsed into a sugar induced coma. I also like to call it kiddy crack. 

Well, this Monday you can brush sticky wing tips (that wasn’t meant to sound as filthy as it came out) with the debauched Candy Floss Fairies of the K Road Christmas Carnival. Kawaii!! Squeep! 

MC & candy cane wielder Lilly Loca is back with more sass & witty filth. Although this time she promises not to jizz on your face. Maybe just sprinkle a little fairy dust…

Bring your favourite tools: pens, paper, pencils, crayons, glue, cameras and/or finger paint. Dr. Sketchy is open to anyone, regardless of creed, colour and artistic style.

$10 on the door to feed the model.

Thanks to our awesome patrons of the arts: Gotham ComicsCheese on Toast and of course Rohan of the Wine Cellar.  More here

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