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The weather in Wellington is all a little damp around the edges, but I love it just the same!   I’ve ‘decompressed’ nicely.. and done some shopping, relaxing, sipping of expensive liquor and chocolate and strolling around CBD and talking technology and self employment! I feel a little bit rock star and a litte gypsy-esque actually!

Chocolate and cherry liquor…  mmmm

I’ve decided where to invest my inheritance money thanks which is an amazing tool if your looking for a comparisona and rates which is a huge weight off my mind!  I’ve sorted out exactly who to go to, what interest rate I’ll get and how my current Tax Bracket effects my investment.  I feel so grown up and stuff that its a little unnerving and scary!  Who would’ve thought?  I’ve suddenly just started to want to think about the big picture and putting $$ asside for ‘what-ever-it-might-be” important thing in the future is rather a little bit exciting! I just can’t help it!

I’ve learned “Gameification” in adult learning! Giving a challenge that is frustrating then giving the class a clue which brings about the ‘light-bulb’ moment! Using Dopamine as a natural high in the Learning and Development environment! Nerdy I know but kinda exciting! I’m tempted to self educate a little more on the psychology of learning!  I love watching people learn and explore something new but making it engaging and fun at the same time is really really rewarding!  I’ve some “Ted-Talks” to look up and absorb too on my reading list, as I like to call it!

Flipside: I want a Ragdoll Kitty! My best Welly friends have two gorgeous animals and they’ve been so snuggly and sociable I’ve fallen in love!!

Meet Muff (short for Muffin)
And Milo!
Every time I visit Wellington I always seem to succumb to a little bit of shopping… I know its naughty, but I can’t help it, as some of the coolest things I’ve always gotten while ‘on-holiday’.  This is more of a working trip/holiday but being out of town its Oh, so tempting!!   I bought a gorgeous pair of pink ans glittery Iron Fist heels with the cutest unicorns, cupcakes, ice creams and skulls on them. My childlike side can only but mentally do a happy dance and go “Squeeee” at all that glitters about them too!  <– Amazing shop on Cuba St

Because I love pink leopard print and just have to have more pink and black! hehe
Because everyone should own a “Muff Diving Headlamp” right?
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