Wellington is an amazing place.. something in my bones tells me one day I may possibly end up living here. My creative eclectic nerdy outrageousness seems completely normal and at home here.  Auckland has its little pockets of awesome which I love.
Being in Wellington tonight has been so refreshing. The weather is suitably nipply and enough degrees cooler than Auckland to ensure I don’t forget where I am, and the plane ride in was equally as bumpy thanks to Wellington’s famous wind. (I screamed/squeaked twice, how embarrassing!!)
Nerd night was brilliant! I now know there are different types of Scrabble word lists some official others not.
Antenna are amazing especially the horn shaped ones, and I really want to learn how to solder so I can make my own Arduino! http://www.arduino.cc/ amazing stuff.
I truely felt smarter leaving the room than when I arrived. Maybe I got ‘smarts’ via osmosis. Cider, fun times, awesome people and learning stuff!
Excellent!  Wellington – you rock! Love Phloss.

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