Working from home, its the advantages of mobile offices.  Blogging, or my bread and butter writing work, I can do it anywhere.  This weekend, I’ve escaped the concrete jungle of Auckland and come down to Wellington for a change of scenery.  Staying in a CBD penthouse with sea views, and having the weather magically transformed to paradise, snuggling down into a cushy bean bag outside one the balcony.  BLISS!

Next week is going to be cray-cray, so it’s nice to be relaxing out of town and home, where I can’t be disturbed and can catch up with creative and inspiring friends.  Having friends who are doing what you are aspiring to do and being successful is like going to the motivation and inspiration bank and withdrawing a huge sum and frivolously spending it on feeling good and spoiling my self!! Result:  Happy, relaxed and motivated.

Before jetting off to Wellington I caught up with MAD Designs fresh back in the country from the WORLD Body Art Awards!  (I’ll be interviewing them soon, so keep an eye out!)  And we did this pretty pink corset shoot with lots of bling and sparkles.  I don’t think they’d ever painted so much pink, but I have that effect on people…  
Once in Wellington I caught up with Sharyn who has taken some pretty rad photos of me!  Here is one of my top favourites from our session in her studio on yesterday!  Pink is definitely my brand colour, and although pink is not for everyone, it is a colour with energy vibrancy and quite the attitude. (Or why I prefer magenta to baby pink!) 
Who says the top of a car-parking building just off Karangahape Road, can’t be sexy either??  With Burlesque feather fans, this is by Miss T Pin-Ups.
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