So I had a crazy weekend that started half way through the week!

Wednesday was our photoshoot at White Studio’s – I posted a blog last week with details it was rather over whelming!

Friday – I was off to a House-warming party which was awesome! From there I went and co presented the Midnight Rock n Roll Circus with Sister Sin on ALT Tv!

I’m hoping to be there on a more regular basis, so watch it – its on Friday and Saturday nights with a group of us all taking turns! Oh I so can’t wait for our article to come out! I WANT the photos haha… I’ll email a man about dog and see what happens!

From there I went to a party and enjoyed a relaxed night with good friends and good music..

Saturday – After sleeping most of the day, we had to get up and clean the flat – I have a flat inspection coming up soon –

Saturday night was a big one with the event “Steriodays” being sold out and pack too capacity! I was amp’d… I’d decided to drink a wee bit too so was feeling pretty merry most of the night! Haha.

The police came in a couple of times which was annoying looking for underager’s and druggies… I was having too good a time for it to affect my mood at all tho!

Its a good reminder that “THIS IS THE UNDERGROUND”  haha

Anyways I forgot to take the video camera again! I really need someone else to follow me around with one! Or me to not jump around all the time so I could get some steady footage Haha! Ah – its more practice I need I think! I’ll get there! I’m hoping to take it with me this weekend!

Anyways this blog is better late than never – I had issues trying to write yesterday, I didn’t bother and monday I was too busy at work.. So here it is and here are photo’s to make it all worth while!

Thankyou!! Good to Ya’ll on the weekend!

Love n cupcakes,


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