To bring Blogger uptodate:
I’ve done photoshoots, travelled to Melbourne for a holiday and Flown to Wellington to Model in a Body Art competition!! And here is the media! Enjoy!

Melbourne looking accross the river at the city

Looking down the River

A protected Graffiti Art Site!

The nooks and allyways in Melbourne Cbd were just facinating!

Wanting to get a touch of the nightlife in Melbourne we went to two different Dance Parties… -PHARMACY FROZEN- and Melbourne’s Famous Club’s 1st Birthday at the Queens Bridge.

I was seriously the biggest party I’ve been to. There would have been about 5,000 people at least.. we went along with a Camera and were the offical photographers for New Zealand.

So I’ve also been doing lots and lots of stuff out and about! Performing dancing dressing up Club Kids and generally just being my Fabulous self! 😉

And if that wasn’t busy and Crazy enough! I’ve done a photoshoot too….. Here is my Favourite image from the shoot. I hope you like…. Photographer – “Aflicktion”

Now most recently I went down to Wellington and modeled in the Body Art Rox competition for Nocturnal Customs as an Alien Hybrid. It was heaps of fun and my Abbs have hurt for the last 3days! To view a full photoset from the competition please click here AFlickion Photo set.

Much Love!

Candy Phloss

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