Very Vintage day out.. What an awesome way to spend a Sunny Saturday afternoon..  A collaborative event put on by Miss T of Miss T Pin-ups and Miss La-Vida.. a first for Auckland.. What great potential.. it was very busy even when we popped in mid-afternoon! 
I love my pin-up, rock n roll events.  Weather it be a tattoo convention or this! 

Organizing is thirsty work!!  Nice job!
Burlesque Babes!!   
Miss Cherry Bombshell, Fanciforia Foxglove, and Cyn Furneaux!!  Three gorgeous cheeky babes looking dashingly classic floating around the stalls between performances… How could they not resist a photo opportunity!
Agent Provocateur… *drool*
 Not only were there hot pin-up and rock-a-billy babes dancing around… there was a little Le Resistance Chic! in style too!! 

Candidly caught off guard!

 The stalls were a Burlesque dancers dream, pasties, square-dance skirts, dresses and shoes to die for!  It was very hard being restrained on my wallet, but I managed!  Luckilly I gave my self a budget before I walked in.

Bejeweled crop anyone?

Miss La Vida – taking a break for shoes?!
My friends at High Tea!

We went suit shopping afterwards..  The only thing really missing from the Vintage Day Out was a mens section!  Dapper suits, things for a dandy wardrobe!  Even cigars, cravats, canes and hats…?  Maybe next time we can suggest Vintage day out could tailor for the Gentleman.. or in this case my girlfriend? 

The Marilyn hair you don’t have but want?

You can see all the rest of of my photos from the event HERE:

May the next one be bigger, better, more cars, music and menswear!
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