Amazing views from the top of the hills, all over the bay.  What you can’t see is all the tiny yachts and sail boats. The seagulls soaring around over head. And the smell of the ocean.
This is how you do camping, yes otherwise known as Glamping. It’s practically luxury.. Luxury wrapped in 4 walls of canvas. The sand, sea smells, moonlit walks on the beach at 1am.

Bacon and eggs cooked under the trees, delicious hot and sweetly smelling mixed with the scent of pine cones and damp earth.  Followed by a cheeky magpie looking for food tit bits.
Wineries you know will be good, when you drive up and smell sweet fermented grapes.  Walk in past barrels of Pino Gris… I tasted, appreciated and snaffled me a bottle!
Nothing beats mood lighting for Tarot cards like this.. candles, sea breeze.  Mmmm so delicious.
All that white sand and seaweed.  
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