Ok So about a month ago (I think) I joined a community about Lolita Fashion…

I’m interested in it, and am slowly learning what it is (like REALLY) compared to a westernized, media presented view. I.e. Lolita Bible O_o

Anyways I posted a photo on the community asking for feed back – ie… was the dress/ skirt the right style, is the parasol Lolita or a tacky rip off.
HOWEVER – it seems like me “I’m new” disclaimer wasn’t enough.. Haha.

I’m fully aware that the outfit needs re-doing to be more “Lolita” and true Lolita is more modest. Anyway for the purpose of the shoot it was done for that photo was fine. YES I DO WEAR CLOTHES – most of the photos I’ve got on my Blog are from events I’ve been asked to go to or perform at so yea, really not kinda the place for Lolita Fashion. (A bit too naked obviously)

Anyways there were a few people nice enough to make constructive comments. I kinda knew the reaction would be hilarious! I’ll post another photo this weekend, probably only on my Blog of my next LOLITA FASHION (yes seriously) attempt. I’m honest enough with my self that it is only an attempt, I don’t have the budget at the moment to buy something “off the rack”. And I’ve always liked putting together outfits myself.
Personal style and originality anyone – I really should get my sewing machine out then I suppose.

LESSON learned – don’t post a photo on your first community post – BWAHAHAHA
Thanks again internetz- I’m greatly amused.


**Should I or should I not post the thread I found of them having a “waaa” about it??**


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