Wow its almost the end of three weeks and its been mental.  Bush, beach, boutiques, boots, bling, booze, and hardly any vegetables would be the most exciting words from the trip so far!

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I may have really over done it on shoes, but on average with each pair costing less than $50 NZD each I can see myself regularly returning to the Philippines to refresh my shoe wardrobe! (Shoe-drobe?! – Do these exist, if so I need one!)  Brands co-exist almost seamlessly with fakes, imitations  knock-offs, and end of line or faulty stock.  Hemez, Luis Vittun, Coochi, to name a few, the difference between home and here being that these local really know the difference as I really takes an experienced eye to tell. The other difference is the price, a knock off goes for 1/10 of the price of the real thing.  If you are in favour of supporting industry,  it makes justifying the expense a hard decision.

I think I’ll buy one of these first, sans the baby however, Yes??

The country is absolutely gorgeous! Sunsets, trees, misty mountains, sugar cane fields and rice paddys! I think here a picture says more than a thousand words. See for yourself and if you have the opportunity to visit – DO!  Get out of the city as well and visit some of the surrounding cities, towns and beaches!

Enjoy… I can’t wait to get home to my friends, my family!

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