Getting ready to go away on holiday anywhere is daunting let alone going a island you’ve never been to before and where English isn’t their first Lanuguage.  However a keen sense of adventure helps and going with family / friends/ partner is comforting! The pre-list of things to do has been huge prior to leaving but we’re working our way through it.  I thought I’d begin this Travel Blog series and share how it all goes!

VACCINATIONS:  Going to any less westernised country can always have its risks so check with your doctor before going as to what injections to get – Even if you hate needles!  I’d rather be the person hyperventilating in the waiting room before going away then spending weeks in hospital afterwards recovering from Malaria!

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I’m not going to lie though, I hate needles and it took me a little by surprise and has been achy ever since!!  The nurse reassured me that was normal however and if you survive the first 20 minutes then your all good.

VISAS: If you are Holder of New Zealand Passport, you are exempted from payment of a visa fee when applying for a single entry visa with a validity of three (3) month. Except for certain nationalities, a foreign passport holder travelling to the Philippines for tourism or business purposes and staying thereat for NOT MORE THAN TWENTY-ONE (21) days may enter the Philippines without entry visa provided he/she is able to present a valid passport and an outbound or return ticket to Immigration officials upon arrival in the Philippines.
***Please see the Philippines Embassy website for more information!

TRAVEL INSURANCE: The last and biggest thing on my list (other than spending money!) is this.  Having worked in the insurance industry before I can’t stress enough how amazing it is should something go wrong. I don’t want to be stuck somewhere with no luggage or illness with nothing I can do about it.  Travel insurance isn’t too expensive AND there are on-line discounts!!!

I can’t wait wait for the shopping, I’ve decided I’m giving everyone an I-O-U note (a pretty one) before Xmas so that I can bring back home some amazing presents! That, the relaxation, cultural experience and adventure and possibly a gorgeous white sand beach or two!!

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