Im currently connected to Singapore Changi Airport free wifi! Its great! Considering this place is so huge you can catch a rail or seemingly endless travellator from one terminal to another.

There are stores for as far as one can see with little glens with pods filled with giant gold fish. When I say giant I mean between 500 cm to almost a meter long!  Click here to see more!

We’re here five hours and so far I’ve resisted the temptation to buy Starbucks coffee, (the Q was too long, I found a cafe almost as good) found the free phone charging stations, found the free Movie theater and play-station stations, bought a couple of gifts for our Philippine hosts, explored only 2 of three terminals, used a free internet kiosk and found the gym, bathrooms and smokers area (looking straight out to the tarmac)! 
The inside is lovely and air conditioned. However approaching the doors or our on the smokers deck you get hit with a warm wave humid air. At 6 am it felt like a very warm Auckland summers day!

We exchanged $50 into ‘sing’ dollars and the rest of our cash to Pesos. The exchange rate from Nz to Singapore was pleasingly close. $50=$49.20 however while somethings are cheaper coffee certainly wasn’t comparable. I ordered my usual sweet Caramel Mocha (much to the dismay of the attendant). It was $6.40 for their smallest cup and then an extra $0.90 for the caramel shot. Still better than ‘push-button-instant’ most of the other places were serving.

We’re pausing for a rest now knowing we’ll probably want to be social on arriving to the Philippines, taking turns resting and watching our hand luggage.  I can’t help notice incessant beeping going past every so often. Airport staff driving what look like a cross between a stand-on lawn mower and a four wheeled segway! They hoon/beep past often transporting transit passengers from one end of the airport to the other. Its lovely to see, elderly being whisked from one place to another. I just think if I was a driver that beeping would drive me mad!

In a few hours we’ll be in Manila. I’m excited, and hoping I brought the right kind of clothes for the weather!

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