So I’ve got a big trip planned for mid 2009!  I’m BEYOND excited and am very fortunate to have family donating their air points to us to make the trip possible!  Its my BIG OE without a doubt and I want to do as much as possible while I have the chance!

The flights over to Europe have been booked- which is exciting and scary at the same time – ie. ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!  
Starting Location – Auckland, New Zealand
Leg one – Tokyo, JAPAN!  
Leg two – stopover in Frankfurt, Germany
Destination – London Airport- UK

So we have 7 days in Japan during which I want to visit Harakjuku station and some more historical destinations around Japan – ie the old and the new!  I didn’t expect to have this long there so its EXCITING and I’ll have to try not to spend all my “spending alowance'” for the trip in one go! haha

Two hour stop over in Frankfurt- hopefully we’ll make it back there cos I want to visit as many countries in Europe as possible!

London – I have friends and family in the UK so we hope to stay with friends while in the UK as much as possible, and make the measly NZ $$ go further!

At the moment we’re thinking of going to the following festivals where ever in Europe they are…
 (if there’s other that fall between May and August let me know!!!!!):
The Love Parade
Glastonbury Festival
etc etc..


CONUNDRUM!!!  We’ve not booked our tickets back yet and are currently thinking about this!

We were planning on coming back at the end of August so being away about 3 months and flying back via LA, then Melbourne (to see all our friends who’ve moved over there) then back to Auckland.
We’re thinking of  possibly stopping over in both those places for a couple of days. If we can stay with friends in Melbourne that will help… and LA- I’ll try to organise that too if I can between now and then!

Now the end of August beginning of September is round about USA Labour Day at which time the “Burning Man Festival” happens in the Arazona NEVADA desert. (I’ve been dying to go for the last 3 years, since I learnt it existed!)
Its likely to run the 31st Aug to 6th of Sep from my calculaton atm (this years one is about to happen so 2009 dates are not out yet!)

The Question is – DO WE EXTEND THE HOLIDAY TO 3 AND A HALF MONTHS to catch the festival meaning we won’t get back till mid September OR miss it and come back end of August as planned. (and possibly regret it forever.)  Our dates going over are booked already and I don’t really want to change them!

The main issue is how much EXTRA money we’d need to save up before hand for almost 4 months rather than just 3 ie extra accomodation costs, food etc and to cover our remaining expenses back home for that period! And getting jobs again on our return so we can pay the rent!  I have a flatmate looking after the house but we’ll prolly pay our rent, power etc etc etc in advance so our calculations will have to be pretty accurate!)

 TOUGH decision!

What do I doooooooooooooooooooooo!!


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