Three RAD things from 2012:
Mustache combs from  Here!  Aren’t they the best?  I love my Mo and all things ‘stache… these are going to have to join my collection!

Booby Packs
Although some would say the 80’s are coming back around, when it comes to fanny packs I’ve always cringed…. “Take OFF the FANNY PACK please!  Click here to see more!

Instead, let me introduce you to this:  hello Booby Pack! Now we’re talking!

Think about it… Have you ever stuffed your bra? Admit it! You run with your phone, iPod, sunglasses, car keys, and where OH where do you stuff it? Up your butt….  no of course not!

Nope. You stick it in your tits. Big ones, little ones, doesn’t matter ones, a bra is just one chest strapped handbag.  Now Christina Conrad has designed a sweat proof, zip-able bra so your money, cards and phone will no longer be gross at the end of the night.

NAO Next Gen Robot

Originally developed for autistic children, Nao Next Gen Bot can have full conversations with you due to its ability to isolate and recognize specific words in sentences. He can also recognize your face and your movements and can even walk and play catch. Who needs a dog!

Basically you program Nao to do whatever you want him to do – pick your pens up off your office floor, talk to you or encourage you to keep working! You can even teach Nao yo plug himself in when his battery is running low – talk about low maintenance. To-date over 2,000 robots have been sold worldwide, and are currently being used in schools to help teach children.  See more here!

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