Its mid week and raining.  As a total sunshine baby sometimes I feel like curling up with a blanket and waiting till the sun comes back out.  Today is a little like that not to mention I’ve a sore throat.  However writing always helps!!

Today its Black Milk Beetle-juice leggings, and a white Linear Sleeveless Biker Jacket from Top Shop

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Always keep reminding yourself! You Are AMAZING, and don’t you for get that!

This week I did quite a few shows.  The Auckland Pride Gala which was amazing.  Showcasing all acts from the Festivals coming weeks it ran smoothly and the audience was my favourite, loud and well lubricated! Just perfect.  Feathers and lace-fronts everywhere.  We nearly forgot to take selfies, which would have been a shame with myself and my Queerlesque MC wearing complimenting gowns!

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