I’m trying to to talk nonsense too often but sometimes you see acronyms all over social media and just think OMG what on earth does that mean.  Too not appear silly or abusing the “Lazy-Web” often I’ve googled terms and quite quickly been able to find an answer.  Thank goodness, because there’s nothing more embarrassing then looking silly on the internet – Right?! *cough*
However I’m just going to stick with “What I did this week!” Sound simple enough?  I’ll start off with photos from the AUT Rookie Fashion show.  It was amazing.. with an wiggly runway meaning pretty much everyone got a fantastic view, hosted in Shed 15 on Lower Wellesly Street.  A huge venue but perfect to cater to the massive crowd who came out to support.  Each designer showed about 5 pieces and the models were fantastically choreographed and stunning.

 By comparison The NZ Fashion Tech show was hosted in the Freemans Bay community center and of the whole show there were only 3 really stand out collections of 3 pieces and a Kleenex Paper Dress.  The top three collections wouldn’t have looked out of place at the AUT Rookie show at all. Congratulations to them all for graduating another year of hard slog, creation, stress planning and design!  We can’t wait to see next season.

 I attended the Eco-Store Fashion Show – 540  Garments all made of recycled or re-purposed fabric and clothing.  Beautiful for summer and I can totally see my self wearing the pink collar below. Its gorgeous!

 Some gratuitous cell phone photography – of course. Documenting life from the Fashion Front Row, or at least the Miss Phlossy Roxx version!

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