If your a shoe fan like I am… THESE are amazing.
Get Spiky shoes like from Jeffery Campbell
Because life is is too short to wear ugly shoes!!

I’ve added Instagram to my Facebook page... its pretty sweet..

LADY GAGA is coming to New Zealand!  I’m off to see her… This will be the third time I’ve seen her.  Bring it on.  
Also myself and a couple of other Bloggers are organising a “Nails” party – See above picture.. Like a pre-party but the day before to get our nails all did up for the concert!  Very excited!  If your going let me know!
Satchels!  This is in the mail to me!  I wish I could have the tea-pot too but oh well.
I’m very lucky to have it less than retail!  Woot… thanks GemBox xx
And I’m currently cat-sitting this gorgeous feline… Enjoy these visions of cuteness! If you want kittens too please contact SPCA regarding the Fostering program.  I recommend it and they are very helpful and the kittens are so CUTE!

New outfits – pictures coming soon!

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