Things I love Thursday!  It isn’t often I remember to do this, but I love the concept.  And since the dastardly full moon wrecked havoc on my moods for the last couple of days its really nice to be smiling and feeling appreciative for so many things!

Having a rad flat/ flatmates!   Pink leopard print heels from Senso Being able to live and work in an environment that lets me have pink hair and be my crazy self     Diversity Training – Its good that people are trying work towards understanding how to work with all different cultures, race, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, marital and employment statuses etc. in a positive way!   Pink Gorilla pod camera stand   Dark Chunky Chocolate  Pink Rhinestone covered computer mouse    A Pink cactus    An amazing new couch that got shipped up by some awesome friends in Wellington!   The opportunity to attend amazing events such as Hit the Pavement by M.A.C. and the Vodafone NZ Music Awards!   Getting to wear designer threads out on their behalf for an event!  SUNSHINE and good weather!   Being in a rad team for Movember!

Such an amazing event – really great work by the team and awesome to meet so many new people!  You all rock my sox!

My two options for Movember!
My Halloween Make-up Candy Skull / Day of the Dead ~ Dia de los Muertos face
Lighting a candle for loved ones pass on All Hallows Eve
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