Bra’s bra’s bra’s.  I was shocked. I went and had a fitting at Bendon (by an inexperienced girl, poor thing) and was surprised that my boobs take the biggest size they make in a “Fancy” bra.  “Pleasure State” Range Gorgeous line from Bendon, and I had the pleasure to have a seek preview of what will be coming out later this year..  Trust me – I CAN’T wait.  Very elegant and sexy.  But what is with the sizes.  Don’t curvy women want pretty under-garments.  I was shocked that I’m right on the cusp of having to go to a speciality “larger breasted women” shop!!  Although I was informed that Bendon Bra’s go up to a G Cup in another range I was still annoyed.  Women with bigger boobs don’t want to have to buy ugly pieces because that’s all that fit!
In response to my Rant I’m glad to be talking to  
You can sign here to show support, send letters, emails, post, etc to all your local MP’s to put in front of them the story and reason and even a face to why they should Vote YES for Marriage Equality.  Its a huge thing for New Zealand and would really be a positive thing to come out of this government finally.  
Lets put NZ on the map standing up for basic Human rights for all!
This.  Just because….
This weeks’ Instagrams….
Performing at the Tempo Dance Festival Media Launch… I always get super nervous before events of this nature. Nerves:  Motivation to always be exceedingly great.  Here is a beautiful photo/ review by – Raising the Tempo (in your chest!)
And in the program!

I just noticed how much lingerie (or illusions of) this post contains. Brilliant. 

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