Well the last month and half has absolutely flown by!! Work, house, furnishings, shopping, getting lost, dogs, heat wave, 6 degree weather, autumn, Burlesque shows, public transport, trams, trains and busses, car shopping, warm clothes shopping, discovering DFO, Queen Victoria Markets, epic vintage shops, and I could keep going for hours.  Thanks Melbourne for being awesome.  Post move loneliness is lessening as I go out an meet more people (and get propositioned!!) and learn my way around!!

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In this making friends business I have decided to be as pro-active as possible, despite getting made fun of for doing so at home.  Socially awkward?  No, just determined not to be a Nigel-no-mates.  Oh and its actually an interesting experiment.  You can make friends on a train.

Today it has been super windy and we’ve had at least two drastic weather changes.  I’m just up to close the door and turn the heater on cos it’s started raining now.  Officially the temperature was supposed to be 15 degrees which isn’t too shabby but with the wind and the rain actually outside Melbourne temperature is sitting around 5 or 6 degrees right now.   The last two days its been Onsie’s to bed and triple layers of leggings and tops to keep warm.  I really should write and Aucklander’s guide to living in cold weather one day.   I suppose however we timed it right so that as next summer rolls around we’ll be all ready for the toasty heat!!


ANYWAY today I decided that I really didn’t want to go to work.  I had a meeting in the morning in Collingwood and I’ve Swing Dance class tonight in Fitzroy.  Exciting!  With not quite knowing how to get around and how long it would take I decided to flag the stress and relax today so that I’m not rushing all over  town stressing out.  Oh yes and today is Wednesday not Thursday. LOL

On my adventures I took a few photos!  I had my nails re done with glittery lavender Shallac and discovered the most amazing vintage store called My Delirium.  It is only once in a blue moon I walk into a shop and find something instantly that I just have to add to my wardrobe regardless of the price.  The spikey jacket in the above photos being just that kind of thing!!  WOW  If you are coming to Melbourne in the near future this is on my TOP 10 places to visit and is just off Brunswick Street, on Johnston Street, Fitzroy.  Just down the road a little further is delicious cafe called The Food Store where I stopped to warm my chilly fingers with a yummy Mocha and managed to take my first ever selfie photo with both sets of fingers in it.  I’m grinning away as I immagine you laughing and rolling your eyes at me.  Dorky yes, but a bloggers first world problem!


 And when I got home I decided to cook.  Being the first time I’ve cooked in Melbourne! Well more than making a quick dinner for one, and or heating up food.  Really I’ve been incredibly lazy on the meals front.  There are some incredibly delicious places to eat around the area we are living in.  Thai, Indian, Noodle-Box, Mexican, and Turkish etc etc.

So today I made Gluten free double chocolate muffins.  Oh and they are SO delicious, nice and light with out that a-typical gluten-free downfall – the heavy cardboard taste. Hallelujah!  I’m still getting used to our gas stove and oven so in the first five minutes I burned the tops of them, but thankfully with some quick thinking and left over batter, they were saved.  I whipped of the top burned bits, plopped a tiny bit more batter onto each one and popped them back into the oven at a much lower shelf level.  This oven only has heat from the top so I’m getting used to where things have to sit! SUCCESS!!

One my gorgeous friends from work recently mentioned to me Bacon Cupcakes!  I nearly died!  If you’ve seen the viral video “Bacon, bacon, pancakes” my delicious “Bacon, bacon, cupcakes” are the best thing in the world and I’d gladly vie them against pancakes any day!

My new pink cupcake tins lined with bacon, a couple of chopped up pieces of sun-dried tomato, some Halumi cheese, a sprinkling of cajun spices and egg! DONE!! Grill till the cheese goes bubbly and golden, and it should come out looking out like this!

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