Melissa Fergusson Director and Playwright of the Artefact Project (with her newly formed theatre organisation, ‘charlatan clinic’), really hit the nail on the head with this one.

With The Artefact Project‘s three short plays, Phobia – Commitment, Pause – Procrastination and Pie – Ageing, she opened up the audience to the social stigma that we are all expected to be in a relationship to be happy!

Ruby – Gina Timberlake (who is cute as a button) and Richard – the smooth Mark Huston bring the play to life beautifully.  I wasn’t quite sure how many quick changes one could have in such a short period of time!  This is a very thought provoking take of a sexual and emotionally tensioned platonic relationship.

“This gives them an ability to speak truth about themselves and their feelings without prejudice” says Fergusson. “It means that through them we can examine the complexities of friendship and ask the question: ‘how do we define boundaries between a man and a woman?’”.

A gorgeous, relaxing evening in the gallery space/hair salon, French Revolver Studio on Victoria Street West, provides a fresh and beautiful, intimate space for a cosy show for the duration of The Artefact Project.

Tickets are available through Eventfinder and at the door.

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