Last night I went to the Herald Theatre to see Dumped as a date for my lovely friend Leda Petit. As part of the NZ Comedy Festival for 2012 its something different from a lone comedian standing on stage cracking jokes with or at the audience. A show piece that took the audience on a journey with its cast members.

Starring: Andrew Clay, Rachael Blampied, Michael Saccente, Dane Dawson, with special guest Jackie Clarke.   Personally I peg Jackie Clarke as the absolute STAR of the show.   She was funny, took a wee opportunity to sing a little and basically the show revolved around her and Michael Saccente.  They were the hillariously wizzend, older, cynical although not necessarily wiser grown ups giving the young stroppy spoilt technology dependant generation Y and Z relationship advice.  Poking fun at unfortunate reality -perfectly!

Andy likes Fiona, Fiona likes Andy, Mickey likes nobody, Danny likes everybody, Pam likes a drink, but will it all end in tears? Probably, the show’s called “Dumped” after all.

I recommend it  Here is the trailer!

Tuesday 15 May – Saturday 19 May, 8.45pm
Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre
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