The Weekend: Curate and Lingerie
Most of my weekend was spent preparing for an interview, but I did get out of the house for a wee 2 hour walk around the CBD.  I love living so central, I can save the planet AND get out of the house! Its amazing.
Wandering all the way down from K rd, with a monster coffee from Revel which had me bouncing off the walls for the rest of the afternoon, all the way to Britomart.  I wanted to pop into Curate’s new store on Gore Street, and its cute and cosy.  So many gorgeous things.  Mostly the stuff I like has a more rock n roll edge to it so instead of blabbing on about Fashion that most of you don’t care about I though I’d take photos then you know what I mean!

 Chaos and Harmony shoes – CUTE, and this absolutely amazing Belt.  I think has to be mine…  Perfect!

 A Stolen GirlFriends Jacket… This print is AWESOME.. I love skull print or skull anything really – not bad!

 Then we went to the Gateau House… I tried really hard to resist buying one of these pink round deliciousness!

 No DOGS okay Just Cats Thanks..

 And then I bought Lingerie, which you can see because it is in the best bag ever.  I can’t believe she had to ask if I didn’t mind an extra $2 for it… YEP that’s fine, just give me the cute pink spotty bag now please!!

All in all despite the over cast weather it was fun and TONIGHT am off to see Florence and the Machine!!!!

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