Event are all run differently but weather its Fashion Week or any other large scale media event, as the Boy Scouts will always say; “Prior planning prevents poor performance.”  If you are wanting to attend an event like this as a Media Delegate take note, it is a “suffer-no-fools” fast moving machine that should be treated with respect, as you’re the newbie and there are so many who’ve been there and doing it ‘forever’.


Decide who you are going to write, cover or photograph for.  Starting a Blog the week before isn’t ideal! If you haven’t got a huge following on your personal site, the world isn’t over.  Do some homework and approach other publications (On-line or otherwise) and offer to write for them for the event.  The combined influence will increase your value to a Designer or PR company deciding who to invite.
This is a standard process for all large events.  Be it music festival like Rhythm and Vines at New Year’s eve or Fashion week.  If you want to get in, seated or backstage, a process is a process. Read the rules and get in before the deadline.
The invites you get to Fashion Show will depend on your influence. If you’re an indie kid writing a blog don’t expect to get front row for the Weddings Show!  DUH!  If you’re keen on seeing a particular designer, do some background work.  Write about them leading up to the event, follow them on social media or even ask to interview them about their upcoming show.  If you’re in luck, they might have time!
Ask yourself what you are going to write about.  If you already run a blog or are covering for an additional publication that isn’t a predominantly Fashion based publication what is that audience going to be interested in hearing about? Fabric and tailoring or styling? Creativity, photography, technology or people just to name a few?
Social Media
Once you’ve decided your coverage angle, distribution of your content becomes uber relevant.  There isn’t any point writing something amazing if no one knows it exists. Are you: Pinning, Tumbling, Tweeting, Blogging, Sharing, Liking, Instagraming etc. etc.
Oh and make sure your camera has battery and or memory card!

Don’t be a Nigel no mates.  Fashion week can be hugely overwhelming, and having a friend or group of friends you know before hand is reassuring!  If it’s your first time, there’ll be others out there in the same boat, do it together, share your knowledge and it won’t seem so daunting.
DON’T rush out and buy a whole new wardrobe.  DO plan your outfits and stick to your own style.  Dressing up and pretending to be a kind of Fashionista that you’re not isn’t going to make you feel more comfortable.  Remember your look is part of your brand so embrace it!

Just this:  Read, learn and observe!  The AychBlog guide to front row Etiquette  Take it from someone who has been there, done that – for several years in a row!
Don’t rely on onsite WiFi.  Although there is generally a connection on site or with-in range, you can’t control how many other hundreds of other people are all trying to upload their content through the same connection. If you have a Smart Phone look into your data pricing and tethering / WiFi hot-spotting to your mobile devices. On the subject of mobile devices, think about what you’re bringing, as you run the risk of lugging it around all week too.  Having the luxury of posting live from the event is a WIN so think weather you’re taking your Android, iPhone, Tablet, iPad, Netbook, Laptop etc. with you or not.
Time Management
Shows are exhausting and some days will be busier than others.  If you have an article to write and an hour down time in the middle of the day getting started on it isn’t a silly idea.
Plan your lunch and dinner breaks or pack small portable snacks you can carry with you, especially if you have specific dietary requirements as large food choices aren’t guaranteed to be on site or locally accessible. Food and transport can end up being your largest expenses for the week (besides internet)
Sleep when your dead – It’s only one week! Although that sounds a little far-fetched, in reality it is likely to happen if you are writing comprehensive coverage or publishing a large amount of photography.  If you’ve rested up, dosed up on vitamins all beforehand it’ll help you survive.  Potentially pre-warning house-mates, partners or flat-mates of your commitments in advance could aid with keeping your sanity throughout the week.
Buses, taxis, parking, weather are all worth serious consideration especially if you don’t live or are not staying close by the venue.  Also don’t rely on all events being in one location and organize something in advance so you don’t miss out.
At Fashion Week you’re going to be surrounded by important media, PR and brand people you might not otherwise rub shoulders with on a day to day basis.  Make sure you have business cards up to date and handy when you’re meeting people.  Be professional! You don’t know who might be just behind you Tweeting what you just said to the whole world!

DO meet new people, socialize before and after events.  DON’T get blind drunk.  (It might be fun, but if you’ve an early start the day it might not be wise and doesn’t look so professional unless you’re planning to be a Celebutante with a Bad boy/girl/person reputation!

DO follow through with what you planned to write.  DON’T stop writing because the event is over.  If you’ve gained extra traffic over the event, build on it by continuing to publish interesting content.
Follow up
If you’ve met people over the week, follow up with them!  Chances are they met 1,000 other new people too and will have forgotten about you or anything you talked about at the week!
Catch up on your sleep!  Relax!  Eat some vegetables again or did you forget what they were in a world of caffeine and alcohol?  Don’t for get to socialize with all your non fashion friends too. You don’t want to lose friends because all you’ve talked about it “ZOMG I’M GOING TO FASHION WEEK” for months on end!

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