I don’t think I’ve made to time to journal in about a fortnight (or longer)… So I’ve alot of catching up to do.

I’ve went to a big event at Vector Arena… and being poor.. (self inflicted as I’ve started seriously saving for the trip) I only really had a “lemonade budget” for the gig; I smuggled in a small amount of vodka! I don’t recommend this to anyone cos its not good if you get caught! Anyway having flavoured my vodka with strawberry, raspberry and hazelnut liqueurs I proceeded to get quite merry off DIY vodka cocktails…

I always say that its not always the music I go to events for… its the people, the atmospher and the fun or excitement! I’ve no idea who was playing most of the night, but the event was really busy and gets a great 8.5 out of 10 from me! Definitely a night out with my whole crew!

(I’ll update this with photos at a later stage)

The next weekend it was the Headless Chickens gig at the Powerstation.. I old venue I’m very fond of and special friends in the supporting band Cocaine like Candy! I had the honour of playing Paparazzi for the night, and a crash course on learning how to operate the flash Canon 40 D – and the photos turned out not too bad I thought…. (will hunt them down on the interwebs to show ya’ll)
Its not all about experience you see, You can’t just buy an artistic eye!

When your out every weekend not everything is worth noteable mention so I fast forward to the end of Nov and moving house. Myself and my flatmates said a sad goodbye to our KinkHQ as we had fondly named it and a happy one to our slightly psycho landlady… (over 80 with English second language) which had not made for fun inspections – “OMG you haven’t swept, cleaned the venitians, windowsills and look at all that WASHING!” I mean come-on SERIOUSLY now…
No holes in the walls and a clean house? Yea we were excellent tenants.. (rant)

So moving on the first two days of summer (stinking hot sunscreen weather) was not particularly fun.. Oh and going back on my Birthday (1st) to vacuum, scrub and take all the rubbish to the tip = awesome! Tho I can now tell you that a maiden hair fern in a 20 kg pot will come down stairs if you want it too enough and will go from the side of the street in under an hour. Tho I’m scared it was turned into polynesian dinner 🙁 And trying to please a landlady and getting your period at the same time is a recipe for “Emotional Release” Haha..

Anyway the new place is great… cheaper, wooden floors, same flatmates, still close to town, a full half acre section, water views and the cat has settled in fine too! (got up this morning to find our cat “talking” to a very friendly stray rabbit who was channeling Houdini!) Its much quieter too which is a major bonus, so I’m glad we did it!

The Calendar project is coming along ok… I’m chasing up photographers now, and sorting out the final 3 pages that need to be organised. Its exciting and I’m glad I decided to do it, and I can’t wait to see it in print! the latest page was a body art one with forest pixies and blue and green tree people… It came out AMAZING and I couldn’t have done it with out my fantastic support crew – YOU ALL ROCK!!! I can’t wait for the calendar release party!

This weekend just gone was nothing different – busy. I’m loving summer and its great to be going back out to outdoor partys, saturday’s one attracting over 1000 people! I went semi incognito, immediately wishing I’d worn my big pink platforms and something crazy! Haha.
Friday was “Its Kamp” with hilarious shows at the Naval (corner of K and Pitt Sts) and Saturday I was mostly hanging out with the girls at Flirt… I don’t know weather I was over exhausted, tired or tipsy… But yea… I had fun, but left feeling a little embarrassed. I hate PDA, so I find partaking in it somewhat cheapening.. Horny, Gorgeous and Alcohol… lol ah fuck it, I’m a wild child anyway. But I tell you what, Trust isn’t just a cheap snog away… ;-P   The walls have eyes and ears. The situation left me horribly confused and a little let down… however I shouldn’t be too quick to write it all off!

I’ve an analytical brain, so I’m always trying to guess people’s thoughts and intentions! Haha so SHOOT ME!

Rock n Roll Baby…. *evil chuckle*

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