Sunset from the harbour bridge..
more sunset from home..
This is Britney, she is a very happy, ‘well fed’ cat… 
When my girl friend gets sick I getted her flowers..  the big red ones look like furry anemone

 Easter Weekend I went along to the Asb ShowGrounds… now if you didn’t know the Easter show originally began as an A&P show.   It still is, but now includes rides, a full blown fair, circus and food stands galore!   The farm section had calves, farm animals, show animals and little cute babies of all sorts..  Ducklings, chicks, pigglets… Ohhhh they’re so cute..

 Next up was the CAT SHOW I have to put this in giant letters because it was the best.  HUGE big fluffy things.. Sleek sexy gorgeously regal felines to these amazing Sphinx beauties…

I love Sphinx cats.. they are known to be super affectionate.  Despite their wrinkly appearance I think they’re adorable…. maybe I have a weakness for the under-dogs-cats..  They’re SOO awesome.. I got to pet these lovely three Sphinx.. They’re super soft, like silky smooth fur cushin! 🙂

 Here this guy, he’s six years old and all he wanted was to climb out and cuddle up to his daddy… all he wanted was cuddles and I don’t blame him, – on display for the weekend.. not quite so fun.  He had wrinkly whiskers which kinda made him look like a wizened old man.   How could you NOT love that!???
Here’s something tho.. While at the Easter Show I saw something that REALLY annoyed me.  And this would have to be the ONLY thing about the show that I could fault!
The Skinny Mobile tent was teaching kids between the ages of 8 and 14 how to play ” Beer Pong”.  Now I don’t know but a drinking and sculling beer game is possibly not the best example to be setting kids.  They may not have  have been drinking alcohol obviously but really Skinny..   I’m sure you pay your marketing team enough to come up with a smarter, more age appropriate game to keep the youngsters excited and amused at the Easter Show. 

 I know Skinny is a mobile brand aimed at the younger generation and that potentially the Easter Show might be a great place for publicity.. but as you can see in these photos I took the kid are very young!! No more “Skinny Pong” please!!!!   Either keep this to Adult only /majority event or have your staff monitoring who’s playing this.  Thanks..

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