Its trying to but I’m not letting it!  If I ever sold my soul to the corporate world LIVE WOULD BE OVER.  Well it probably wouldn’t be, but the free wild spirit with in me would have died… If you as my dear friend see that happening I hold you responsible to smack me around the head should you ever see that beginning to happen..


Anyways…  Here’s what I’ve been head down Bum up working on. 
Lyuba COME UP TO AUCKLAND ON THE 20TH AND GET YOUR FETISH ON WITH ME!!!   Anyone else who wants to join in the fun is VERY welcome.  Cos I’m just such an awesome sharing person you know!  ;-D


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm  Is it just me or did those come out rather tiny?  Eh, the bigger ones are on my website – go there and look at the rest of them 😛

Love cupcakes and crazyness!

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