I think a pink cadillac would have to be my dream car.  Not necessarily to own but definately on my bucket list to drive around or get picked up in for some flashy event or Ball! I’d love to know if somehow someone I know might know someone who owns one of these!!  Surely that is entirely possible….  Could you not just immagine the candy-floss pink-gasm that would be me doing a photoshoot on one of these!??  Pink Panther!

Cirque du Soleil is currently in Auckland so circus entertainment is in high demand…..  Luckily my wardrobe is rather accomodating to this kind of theme! Aren’t we a shmexy bunch??

When one says “Vegas” to a New Zealander this is not what they think of….
They think this – sulpher and boiling mud pools!
I quite like Rotorua… Every time I have been there things have always been interesting! I was there this weekend and taught a Burlesque workshop and performed at Rotorua’s Seduction Lingiere! 
The next day was Paradise Springs animal park – I’ve a couple of videos and photos to post after editing!
Has to be one of the most awesome / random-est places I’ve ever performed!
Playing at being Rock n Roll eating out down by lake Rotorua!

Of course you can’t go to Rotorua with out bathing in the awesome hot spring water in a GIANT bath… However the only photos I can post for you here are of course PG rated this time… I guess I’ll bring bubble bath next time!
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