I’d like to take on the warm fuzziness of Thanksgiving and write my own list of things I’m thankful for…

Family: I have a family who loves me.  They don’t always like how I live my life or the things I believe in but over time (and very very slowly) they have become more open. I think as parents get older sometimes they realise that kids still love and need you and pushing them away if you don’t agree over something is shooting yourself in the foot.  I hope I am always there to love and take care of my parents, and love and support my brother and sister!

Partner: Having a special someone in your life that looks out for you unconditionally is amazing!  Your best friend who you go on adventures with, the person who comforts you when you are upset. The person you worry about when they are sick! Sharing you life with someone is a gift and I want to say a huge thank you to my significant other!  She’s amazing!  <3  <3  <3

Friends:  I’ve always said friends are the family you choose for yourself.  Weather it be people I only see out in town at night to the guys and girls I go on silly shopping spreees for shoes and make-up!  You all rock!!  I never really had close friends as a kid growing up, so to have them now as an adult and ones I’ve known for over 10 years is really really special and heart warming!! Y’all are the shit, seriously. You make me laugh even when I don’t think it’s possible, you keep my company when I think I’m alone, you listen to all my complaints and terrible jokes. Where would I be if it weren’t for all of you? We may not see each other every day, or we may have lost touch over the years but I hold every single one for you dear to my heart. Each one of you as added to my life.

Home:  I’m a bit of a gypsy!  I’ve lived in 10 places in just over 10 years, the longest I’ve spent in one place is 18months..  But having a roof over my head and my collection of pink kitchen ware, wall paper, home décor and cow print furniture..  I don’t mean this to sound material but little things that come with you create that feeling of familiar and homeliness in an unfamiliar surrounding!

Employment:  I’ve haphazardly unplanned my career and have really been very very lucky that everything I’ve done has worked towards where I am now perfectly..  I’ve learned heaps, I’ve had bosses I love and bosses that I’ve hated but they’ve each taught me something.  People skills – Patience something no one could have taught me before  I needed to dig deep and learn on the job.  Sink or swim, and thankfully I’ve my grandmothers determination and have splashed around till I loved it!

My Body:  I sometimes wonder what I would do if my legs, arms or body stopped functioning or if I couldn’t dance..  Hopefully I won’t ever find out how I handle it but the thought sure stops me in my tracks to say thank you and be great-full that I can do all I want and that I have the capacity to move and dance and train my body.   Gratitude makes me really want to take care of what I’ve got, be healthy, exercise and eat well.  I’ve only one body and with bodies once they’re broken its really hard to get back to where you were before.  Make a difference is one of my goals in life so why not start with respecting the instrument I have to do it with.

I’m not a religious person, but feeling gratitude for what I have in life brings back out my spiritual side.  That thanking the powers that be, respecting Karma and inspiration to achieve things and over come difficulty!

What are you Thankful for today?
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