I used to have a copy of photo-shop, however that machine has since died an old computer death and taken the historic version of photo-shop with it.  I’ve never been an expert at using it but I have always enjoyed have the control (freak) to do things myself.  So I downloaded “GIMP”.  

Yes the title did crack me up just as much as you’re probably laughing right now too.  Its actually very easy to use.  I tried using photo-shop again and was well lost trying to find tools, brushes and what not else that I was so familiar with on “GIMP”.  Sad but true.  So I thought I’d show you a THING I’ve been working on then all the layers and tools and effects that went into making it.  Sound exciting?
Other than numerous edits and versions (I like to save a copy as I go in-case I mess up irreversibly) this is the FINAL copy.  
And yes I’m teaching a Burlesque Class at a High Tea event.  This is the poster.. pretty cute, yes?
Now – how did I make it? – Click the image to enlarge.
Look for this cute wee image anywhere and have fun!
The best thing about GIMP is that is Free Open Source software so if you want it to do something, chances are that someone else had that thought too and created a plug in so you wouldn’t have to do it all manually! YAY  Here is what they say about it on their website!

GIMP is Free Software and a part of the GNU Project. In the free software world, there is generally no distinction between users and developers. As in a friendly neighbourhood, everybody pitches in to help their neighbors. Please consider the time you give in assistance to others as payment.

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