As a fiery red head for about 6 months LOTS has changed in my life.  In one sense I’ve calmed down. In an other I’m 3 times more radical and out there.  I’m living more and more my true self.  Backing myself.   Saying NO when I mean it and not backing down, and saying YES with confidence when I believe whole heartedly in or about something… It’s incredibly exciting.

These photo are from the FECK Melbourne art competition exhibition Gallery opening.  They are glorious and I love the celebration of the Sacred Yoni and feminine intimacy.  Love it.  That whole night was a completely crazy experience.  Black light body paint = nakedness.  That is a story for another time

Today my #WILDUNKNOWNTAROT cards arrive.  The Wild Unknown Tarot from “The Little Red Tarot” Queer tarot community site are soooooo gorgeous.  I’ve take a picture of a bunch of my absolute favourites.  They’re dark but bright and colourful and I feel so excited to use them soon.  I’m going to a large class/ workshop on Tarot this weekend, I can’t wait to be a sponge and absorb and learn all I can using these.  Above you can see my notebook where I write down all my readings.  Most all the ones I do myself for myself.  It’s interesting and I’m slowly memorising all the meanings and the depth to the cards, each book I read adds another layer to the interpretations – sometimes remembering all the information just seems so overwhelming.. BUT reading with a book still leaves it open for the feeling and energy to come through and room for the interpretations of the moment.