Tarot Magick – Queering Tarot

Learning and using Tarot in a practical and experiential way.
Exploring queer stories, and owning our Story with the support and guidance of tarot.

Course opening in September 2018

Explore Tarot and Astrological connections

For those of us who love working with astrology and the zodiac signs – It is exciting to explore how they can all be linked to a tarot card from the Major Arcana.

Astrology and tarot can be deeply linked as we intuitively connect with them guidance. Combining astrology and tarot helps share deeper insights and find strength in our personal stories.

Resonate with the Queer stories of others, told through their interpretations of the Major Arcana

Exercises and Rituals you can do yourself

I created a video ritual that connects with each card to give you inspiration on how to bring that card to life in your personal experience.

The course includes an downloadable illustrated workbook with exercises and space for you to explore and take your own notes.

Queering tarot card interpretations


I’ve included the traditional interpretations and archetypes in this course so you can explore the Major Arcana’s traditional interpretations vs my take on Queer interpretations.  I hope this enables you to explore what intuitively resonates with you when pulling with or reading tarot cards for your self or others.