So I’m now rewriting the blog post that I just spent the last 30 min doing… Silly cos I was just on my phone writing and I’m not always going to have access to my computer. I love the flexibility that Android gives you but the rare occasion that it has a small melt downs are SO frustrating!
Now that I’ve got that grump out of my system, back onto the topic of relaxing and recharging your system.
I was just going over in my mind the last two mornings and the pain of getting up early if you’ve had late nights the day before. This morning getting up was a little painful I must admit so tonight I think I’m due a really nice early night or a disco nap before I think of going out anywhere.

Saturday just been was delightful in this respect and I really want to aim to do so more often. Spending all morning in bed, awake but relaxing and / or messing around under the sheets… I have the most delicious duvet!
Finally wandering out of bed up the road to a tasty coffee and hot cooked breakfast, window shopping, then going for a super relaxing walk around the city. Auckland has some gorgeous parks in town and its not often that the people of this crazy metropolis have the time to slow down and appreciate!
I’ve three things that I’m going to do to help me relax more, and feel fitter healthier and the more ENERGIZED me!
Sign up at Club Physical. Its just on K road right around the corner from my house and work so I really don’t have any excuses not to go… I love working out once I’m into a routine. I was looking at their website yesterday and I they have some great looking supervised workout programmes over a 6 week period. Quite possibly perfect for my level of motivation and commitment. (7am starts ugh) I figure if I’m not happy with my body or my body image then I’d better do something about it rather than wallowing in comparisons of myself a couple of years ago!

Eat more greens! Grreeeeeeennnnnsss! The world always makes me think of salad and rabbit food! Leafy goodness drizzled with a light touch of Asian sesame dressing, olives capers, sun dried tomatoes and capsicum. YUM!! Since the veggie shop is RIGHT above the Gym its perfect for popping in afterwards to makes sure I have my healthy food!
Also I think I’m going to resume taking salad and lunches to work.. I have storage facilities here and it will really stop me from those naughty sneaky visits to the vending machine! BAD GIRL! Also I was having a tittersation with a friend about Gluten – I’m not sure I could entirely cut it out of my diet but if the bloatedness I was feeling yesterday was anything to go by, I really think its a good idea!
Do more creative stuff! I have a whole pile of creative projects lined up ready to go. Glitterizing some shoes, painting, stencilling and costume making. I’m a bit of a hoarder so I have plenty of craft material, glitter and sparkles to throw around and create some magic. Combine some recycled jewelery, hot glue, paint, canvas or fabric and you can see the energy in the artwork!

I never profess to be a professional but I think if your creating anything abstract the more ‘art tallent’ that sometimes goes in the less wild the end product it.

Actually thinking about this… I really want to get some pictures of the latest piece I made for my Derby Wife..!! Its an abstract piece of a Panda and a Pegacorn… with a small dash of glitter to bring it to life.

Here are some pictures from the weekend just gone… (including veggie/pescaterian FAIL breakfast.. no more of this and the Gluten!) Note the cute crocheted flowers on the tree in Albert park! If you have someone special to share it with even better, and take a camera with you so you can snap some cute shots.
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