Feeling stressed?  Feeling run down or still recovering from the winter blues / flues?  In the Southern Hemisphere we are now just coming into spring! And gosh am I very very pleased to see it coming and start to feel the warmth come in over the winter chill.  

I’ve had three days off this week and really tried to stay off the internet.    However I’ve not stopped working on bits and pieces…  I’ve been MOTAT – “Auckland Museum of Transport and Technology” and done a Ninja shoot there, I’ve helped out with a photo documentary of the tranisition from boy to drag.   
I’ve been up at Sunrise to capture a moment in time… frozen to death, and decided that sometimes creativity equals complete and utter madness.  However I wouldn’t trade the last few days for the world!  Bliss!
So if you are feeling run down and overworked your self, take some time out.  I know there’s a saying… sleep when your dead but really boys and girls? Sleep in… rest, relax…  One sleep in can make a world of difference! 
Book yourself in for a Spa or relaxation massage… Hot stone massage, thermal, spa, deep tissue massage.  If you don’t take care of your self how can you then be the best at what you do or live that crazy or creative life you want!??
And number two:  Spend quality time with people that are important to you.  It was my mothers birthday this week and I was able to surprise her for her birthday!  Seeing the surprise on her face made my absolute day if not week.  Sometimes it the little things that are remembered for life.  If you have other people in your life that are important to you spend some time with them.  Take them out to lunch.. spoil them, or surprise them…. It doesn’t need to be expensive but seeing a smile on someones face just warms me to my middle… Butterflies?
Take a look…


 Sexy huh?  


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