How often do you think in a day, or even a week?  
Yes I’m going to do this way cos I value this or I want to achieve this goal?  
Not many… well me neither.  
I have been through 3 or 4 Values Alignment sessions; I’ve done Myers Briggs personality test, the Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance personality test, and others I can’t remember in detail with birds and colours!
Are they a waste of time?   No I don’t think so.
Would I pay for it myself?  Nope!  They’ve all been company subsidized for me luckily!
So if I recommend them how can I then say I wouldn’t pay for it?
Well I don’t think that kind of information should be SO hard to learn or access. In reality, with the internet now, this information ISNT hard to get at.  However applying and putting into practice things that can be taken out of these tests IS hard to get.  
Its personal responsibility, to do something which isn’t always easy. 
Personalities can be aligned with these four descriptions although not exclusively one or the other more often a combination with potentially a preference.

Extroversion (E) –
(I) Introversion
Sensing (S) –
(N) Intuition
Thinking (T) –
(F) Feeling
Judgment (J) –
(P) Perception
control, power, assertiveness
communication, social
patience, persistence thought
structure, organization

Or there’s the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument – Or personality types as we know them A,V,S,K (not in order)  –  with detail here…. These terms are way more commonly discussed, and really help when working out how to teach, train or work with other people, especially difficult people! Ha-ha

A. Analytical thinking 
Key words: Auditive, logical, factual, critical, technical and quantitative.

B. Sequential thinking 
Key words: safekeeping, structured, organized complexity or detailed, planned.

C. Interpersonal thinking 
Key words: Kinaesthetic, emotional, spiritual, sensory, feeling.

D. Imaginative thinking 
Key words: Visual

So having gotten to understand your own Personality, one can then move onto define and pull together Values and from there GOALS.
Ever heard the term “Big Hair Audacious Goal” or Bhag!  I love it, makes me laugh every time!
Here is what I wanted to share with you a tool that I found super help full!  I’ve recreated my own versions… get those mini post it notes and write out things that are super precious to you, and a description to explain it.  The rate them “Is no1 more or less important than no2” and so on….
Save and print this image yourself and have a go yourself!!!
GREAT SELF DISCOVERY…. I hope to go into more detail soon!
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