This last week I’ve spent alot of time hanging out with people who motivate me, inspire me or share similar dreams of sucess.  The energy I’ve come away with after these catch up’s has been awesome… I think I even skipped down Karangahape Road last night.. yup, you read it right “skipped”…  
 After a couple of glasses of tasty pinot gris at Hard Luck Cafe with Hannah and Danni talking about our blogs, projects we want to work on and what we’ve done in life to get where we are now (deep) all sense of  procrastination has gone.  Sometimes all it takes to get excited about life is to talk with someone who’s equally excited.
 Wellington does this same sort of thing for me.  I’m super excited when I head down there.  I often stay with my favourite-est people down there from the G33kshow and talk all things internet, nerdy and DIY…  We say if you don’t do it for yourself, everyone else ain’t gonna do it for you!!   Wellington always seems to strike me as a Do-it-yourself city.. Even the big wigs like Wetta Workshop started at the DIY grass-roots stage.  How could you not find that inspirational..
Also stop and take count of your life as it is right now. Count up everything which is pretty awesome.  You’ll be surprised I think. I stop regularly and say “MY LIFE IS AWESOME”. Yes, say it to your self now. Your life is awesome and you will make it more so today and tomorrow and the next day.  

I’ve printed a few of these.. and written a couple of my own on giant pink post it notes and popped them all around my desk.  Looking at something that makes me remember why I’m doing all of this is great!!

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