I had my first on the weekend.  I can’t reveal the name of the shop/ clairvoyant however she used Ascended Masters Oracle Cards.   I was very happy to find pictures of all the cards from the reading online and the descriptions of what they meant!  You can find the same info here. Ascended Masters Oracle Cards

I was asked to pink 5 cards, and the clairvoyant picked a 6th and set it aside.

My cards were: 
Detach from Drama
See other people’s point of view
Health and healing
Drink more water

I am superstitious, but have never been a strong believer in clairvoyance… I’m still not convinced but I was surprised how relevant the cards were to me especially after reading through the rest of the pack and seeing others that would have been completely irrelevant. Picking cards at random without seeing them is always interesting especially when you’re at that point of instinctual first choice or second guessing yourself.

To give you a little sneak peek into my reading I’m going to go through each card and pick out highlights of the conversation around each one.

I can’t remember in what order they were in but I think this was the first one. I love the picture on this card.  It’s powerful and bright. The description is very much an extension of the stubborn persistent personality of a Sagittarius – being very true Sag myself.  I think with this card she asked about my job vs. career.  I enjoy my 9-5 job at the moment and have a big picture career path where I see it taking me eventually but she really surprised me asking if I was really in the right industry.  She mentioned “Fashion” something that I’ve always been interested in and suggested a specific career path that “they” said I should pursue.  I love the suggestion however wonder how much of this suggestion was picked up by our initial conversation (her complimenting my outfit etc).     To finish this one off she described my work ethic and personality traits which were quite accurate, though easy to pick up if you have done some “personality styles” training before.

Detach from Drama
My life this year has been VERY dramatic… I’ve had changes in “relationship status”, living arrangements and extra-curricular activities.  Thank goodness things have all settled down a whole lot more now because my body really reacts badly to stress.  This card is one of my favorites because the card description is very like me, eager to try and keep everyone happy!  If you like me and try to do this, you can’t!!  Trying to please everyone will be the death of you – emotional or figuratively.  Interestingly the clairvoyant didn’t see any of the life drama I’d had this year but picked up things that had happened in my previous relationship.  That REALLY surprised me. She assumed they were part of my current relationship but when I explained that they fitted previously it really highlighted how much I’d unconsciously been effected or dwelling on little things unnecessarily.

The description for this card didn’t really relate to anything we discussed.  What did come up was my split personality.  I’m not a Gemini but I’ve always said I’ve a work and home (with family) personality and an out of work, performing character.  I’m sure I’ve even blogged about it before -I’ll have to check. The clairvoyant told me I have a male side and a female side. Like Yin and Yang. I don’t think this is too uncommon, maybe you have this too.
My issue, she said is that they are both super strong and unless I have them balanced then I will be very unhappy, even depressed.  Maybe my interpretation and hers have some commonality?  Being super femme, I live in my “female” side but she said I really have to make my “male” side a priority also. All that sprung to my mind were my boot camp with the boys at “Club Physical” and organizing my life, house and non 9-5 career.  The practical stuff underneath all the glitter makeup and fancy clothes.

If you can do a life prioritization session yourself I can’t recommend it enough.  I’ve done several myself and weather you are superstitious yourself or not, this is a practical skill that will help you focus on things that are REALLY important and will make or keep you happy!

See other people’s point of view
This card confused me.  I don’t see myself as argumentative or bad at listening.  If I remember correctly this was (I think) the card that she chose, in addition to the five I chose.  Definitely good advice but really not superstitious for me and I think could be applicable to anyone.

Health and Healing / Drink more water
Getting two health related cards was one thing that made me think “Maybe there is something to this tarot reading thing after all”.  I’ve had a number of ongoing health issues over the past year, mostly under control now, but there is no way she could have known that.  Drinking more water (what a crazy card name, right?!) is definitely something I’ve been working on out of pure necessity.  The description on this card talks about sharing my gift of healing, which is completely the opposite of what the clairvoyant talked about.  I have a Diploma in Sports Massage, but that didn’t really come up at all, more just that I needed to focus on looking after myself. (Which is entirely true and interesting)?  Oh, yea…  I have no desire to change into a healing career. Ha-ha.
 In summary…  I enjoyed the reading, it’s definitely motivated me to make more changes and iron out the wrinkles in my life as much as I can.  Am I more superstitious than before? Probably not. 

I do recommend to anyone who hasn’t had one before to do it.  I suppose it’s a type of counseling session – you’re nervous going into it, generally its someone you have never met before, you talk about really personal stuff, leave and hopefully take something good out of it!  Wow what a revelation!

I’d love to hear from anyone who really has had a reading that’s completely changed their lives or stuff predicted has happened…   Hope you enjoyed…

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