I love my life.

Monday -Meeting with a promoter, then Dinner mmmm I had the most DELISH salmon and calamari. Feed me seafood anytime its my weekness!!

Wednesday – Bowling (its fun, exercise and gets me out of the house and away from the computer and TV during the week).

Thursday – Fighting shit traffic and rain. I feel like I’m slowly getting more confident speaking infront of a camera. Being on camera then talking sense to one is a Whole different kettle of fish haha!

Then off to the Edge party. Was good catching up with friends and hillarious running down the street. Mmm Starbucks coffee. I was soo tired but seriously drinking coffee at night makes for a funny time. Didn’t get to sleep till 2 almost. Opps! Me = hardly drinks coffee + minor hyperactive!

BE CAREFULY IN WET WEATHER PEOPLE! So many accident that night.

Friday – Worked tillalmost 2 ish at Fluffy… I like beginning my Fridays there. I hang out with the other dancers and other awesome friends first then head in. Inner city appartments are great, everything is handy from the liquore stores to the clubs is only a stumble away haha!

I ended up having a rather in deep converstation with a good friend of mine which temporarily dampened my mood. But as a result of this converstation I’ve come to this conclusion:

What’s right for me may not be right for you and vice versa. Friends are friends who tell each other their concerns – but say it once and leave it. All advice should be given and taken with a pinch of salt and in context. Re-acting only from your heart can be dangerous, and never loose the close people around you that really really love and care!


Friday part 2 – RANDOMNESS – After parking in the Hip Chic center of town we started walking or in my heels tottering (haha) down to the Met and Code club. Half way there I spot a guitar case looking lonley leaning up against a post box. We check inside and see a flash vintage gituar and an envelope with a big wad of cash. Seeing no-one near that looked to own it we reported it too the police and proceeded to take it with us. (Keep reading for the rest of this story)

Ministry of Sound House Sessions was on and we’d managed to win tickets and went along despite the weather still being a little miserably average! It was fantastic – I had a good boogie, drank more alcahol and met more gorgeous girls! There’s another one next Sat – I enjoyed it so much I’m planning on going to the next one too!

Saturday – Helped friends move a bed hehe – was fun just to catch up and relax.

Once we finished filming and were already we headed into town to perform at a PsyTrance event called Dimension. Its not my fav genre, but I don’t like to limit or put restrictions on my life! We’d been booked to perform for the international and the gig was pretty packed. It was allot of fun and we got some awesome footage of us performing.

Sunday – Had to get up REALLY early – ie 9am. Seriously that really early for me on a weekend! Filmed my last little bit of a music video I’m doing. I think the song is a rock n roll ballard. Its very pretty anyway! Comedy is fun to shoot!

The weather was GORGEOUS, sunshine all round and no clouds at ALL – YAY. We made a flat outing to Mission Bay and got bugers and coffee and sat around in the sun feeding seagulls. There are some pretty big birds out there. It funny as they all had their own personalities: Whiney, bitchy, shy, aroggant, friendly, bold and brash! Seriously one almost divebomed us. In grab food out. Thats what you get for trying to had feed them I suppose. Hillarious!

Anyway (continuing my Friday night random story) I was at home having a discussion with the flatmates over the found Guitar. We were about to take it to the Police station but worried they might not get the money back if it was claimed. Going over it one more time we struck gold. Name and Ph no. on the back of a metronome! WOW. Called the number and got a overwhelmed young guy (18-19 maybe) who’d played a gig and had his 1973 American Vintage Richinbach (sp??) Guitar left behind! He rushed over to pick it up, and seriously the amazing warm fuzzy feeling inside and the massive relief and grin on the boy’s face was more than enough reward for our good little deed.

I’ve had stuff stolen before and really karma’s a bitch, its great to have it on my side! All I could think of, was if it was me how devestated and then how glad I’d be!

My Favourite things for this week:

Salmon capers and Calamari

NEW SHOES hehe, boots and hawt heels!

Feathers and Diamantes

White Chocolate and Caramel Mocachino

Enjoy – Hope your weekends were awesome too!



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