Right okay.  Great advice thank you.  But where does one start?  Google?  Bank advice website? The government’s website?

Okay so I looked at the last two and got some great advice but no real connections or pointers of where to go.  So I’m trying google.  YAY google… I’ll keep a broad perspective and also you, know a running update of how it all goes!

Lawyers:  not a good topic to google, firstly I have only half an idea of what I need one for.
A) what kind of business am I setting up and how will that effect tax and hopefully one day in the faaaar distant future, paying myself…
B) Contracts, e-commerce T’s and C’s and all those other agreements that one must have when business involves not just working with ones’ self only!  People!  Community!!

Lawyers scare me.  Last time I had to use one it was a super SUPER messy tenants vs tenants vs landlords three way load of bullshit.  I was left paying for it for ages afterwards even tho it was all in the end a giant waste of time.   I’m determined that this time they’re gonna work for me, not just help protect me.  I feel that the concept is different, even if it is only in my head.

I’ve found five or so different Lawyers that according to google and their amazing SEO says they “specialise” in small business set  up.  This looks promising, most of them have payment plans – Lawyer speak for: “This is still going to be expensive but look we’re helping you”.  

I even read one interesting article about how the lawyer business model of charging by the hour is super out of date.  In my current position I’m inclined to agree.  I know I’ll probably not get this option, but “Paying for Value” just seems like a much more valuable way to go, especially for a small start up business – or “pre-start-up”.
When do I officially become a business?  I already have an ABN of my own… I have a business name now that I really like (BONUS).  Is it when I invest my first $1?  I have no idea!  However to me, technically my time is worth something so in my head I’M IN BUSINESS!  This is exciting.

I’m waiting to see how long after my appointment with the Lawyer how much of my excitement I have left… I’m sure I shouldn’t be cynical about this, there is always a way to make a dream happen, it is just all about figuring out all the how to make it work.    I’m just scared about that bill – I guess this will be my first capital investment.

Further to this. TRUST YOUR SELF – Have courage to take the risks!

As far as all the things one might need to start up a small business. Even I am overwhelmed, I got to this site and was thinking –“I didn’t know I might need even half of these things!”.   I figure, I may do, down the track, currently lets just start with one thing at a time. I had a chat with one of my other good friends who asked me what type of company I was going to set up.  Good question.  A company company, a business.  Incorporated, not for profit, sole trader.. Right okay. I’ll let you know how that appointment goes on this one.