Or why people with academic credentials are not always the smartest!

My favourite quote by Jane Chin, PH.D.

Well, let’s see… here’s why my degrees haven’t made me very “smart” –
Because to get my Ph.D. I had to spend 7 years of my life focusing on one specific process in one specific type of cell and hope that I made the right call (“gamble”) in my thesis project to get out with the degree before I’m too old to learn employable skills ex-academia.
That was after 4 years in high school and 4 years of college = 15 years in an artificial learning bubble.

Intelligence is hard to pigeon hole correctly even when your evaluating yourself.. But the sooner you work out what works for you, the sooner you stop wasting your time struggling to fit into a an un-natural learning style/ requirements.

Which is you??

Visual/Spatial Intelligence           Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence           
Logical/Mathematical Intelligence    Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence     
Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence         Interpersonal Intelligence

As a kid our intelligence gets labelled, and that effects us the rest of our lives.  Its hard as an adult to accept your own genius ability if you’ve been told your stupid all your life.  I’ve seen it first hand in someone very close to me in the past, and been frustrated in not being able to help.  If you’ve been told your stupid it takes allot of gumption to strive for greatness or do something you’ve never done before!!

Identifying the area of your own genius makes it so much easier to work your way towards doing something that excites that intelligence.  I’m a hands on person, so therefore Kinaesthetic.  If you show me how to do something with my hands I pick it up super quick and my hands won’t forget that movement.  Straight out of school I studied sports Massage and loved it but it wasn’t mentally stimulating enough long term.

I dance and love moment.  Listening to music and interpreting it, throwing myself about a room, wiggling around like an idiot like no one is watching… I wouldn’t say I’m amazing at dance its self but I’ve wiggled out a niche that fits me and that I’m striving to perfect.  Satisfaction = A+++

I was home-schooled and appreciate the freedom of thought that gave me.  The world was my oyster. Having not been to conventional school, entering the career market (I hate calling things jobs) with out a qualification is not scary at all.    This blog highlights this hilariously!

http://100rsns.blogspot.com/  “100 Reasons NOT to Go to Graduate School”

This blog is an attempt to offer those considering graduate school some good reasons to do something else. Its focus is on the humanities and social sciences.

To me someone who has a degree is more likely (note: not exclusively) to be “Intelligent”.  Someone who has experience and fumbled their way into a career is probably happier but is also what I’d term “Smart”

Here is how I define each word:

Intelligent: having high cognitive ability or mental capacity.
Smart: the ability to use one’s intelligence effectively.

However conciser your self a Genius and your on the right track!!  This is my motto.  Hard work an determination and BIG BIG dreams… There’s no one but yourself stopping you!! 

Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration

Genius is largely the result of hard work, rather than an inspired flash of insight.  (inventor Thomas Edison.)

I should have prefaced this by saying – I’m not anti education.  I just think theory and book work isn’t the only way.   Sometimes experience and hard work will get you places faster.  I think I’m likely to be one of those going to University when I retire, so I don’t get bored!! 
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