I decided I’d blog under the category of “LIFE” this week. Its about my weekend, but this week it wasn’t just parties at night!
Friday, was REALLY glad work was over, as it had been a long week.
I was booked to go-go dance at Galatos Night Club for a gig called “Fevah”
Our outfits had Peacock Feather fans attached to them, which I designed and made.

Saturday = SLEEP- IN. Thank goodness, the body needed it! In the afternoon I ran a Rehearsal for myself and the Club Kids as we had a Fashion Show on Sunday.
This is our Club Kids logo, and I’ll be getting a boy version of it soon.

Saturday night I was working at Ultra, hosting and go-go dancing… Myself, Louisa and Lauren decided to make it a big girls night out!! I was well overdue a “let my hair down and have fun” night!! We went to Flirt first. It was the Grand Opening party of their new Venue! Much drinking ensued!
Charlies Angels – Ya’ll!!

On Sunday morning I dragged my sorry ass out of bed at 8am! Something which I never want to have to do again on a sunday. This “Health Lifestyle is gonna be the death of me!

I completed the 8.4 Kilometre race in 63.39 Minutes! (5.2195075757580005 miles) hahah
Immediately after I rushed back to the Viaduct Basin for the Club Kids Fashion show at the Wigs on the Waterfront event. Supporting the OutLine charity.
We were a great hit and had allot of fun.

After that Lou Lou and I trecked off to the Up.FM Solar Series… to bask in the HOT sun and listen to good music. Thankgoodness for sunscreen!
We finnished of the weekend with a BBQ. No wonder I go back to work to recover!
4 day weekend over EASTER … WooHooo!

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