1) Get some time off work!  A holiday is healthy rest and revitalization… good for you, just as much as sleep, veggies and water is good for you body!

2) Go somewhere you wouldn’t normally.. A change of scenery is worth a 100 days off.  If your in New Zealand country, beaches, bush or forests are with a couple of hours drive of the main centres… This is not a luxuary every country has so ENJOY it!! 😀 We have waterfalls, galciers, black and white sand beaches and snow topped mountains!  WOW

Our Country is SO beautiful!

3) Catch up with close friends and family.  Remember, friends are the family you choose for yourself!! My Dad is currently in hospital.. he’s had Bowel cancer. I say “had” because on Thursday he had section of his bowel removed and is now in hospital recovering from the surgery.  Its hard to see your parents looking week (and spacey on morphine) in a hospital!  I hate those places at the best of times!

4) Do something memorable.  This brings back memories for me of primary school where after the break everyone did “Show and tell”… I suppose it turned into a competition of who had the best xmas break or coolest parents who took you places.  Even now tho, I look back over the last few years and some “year-ends” stand out more than others.  Weather it be stalking grabaseat.co.nz religiously for cheap flights away somewhere or bargaining for an event ticket.. (or sacraficing that morning coffee to afford it) or bribing your aunties and uncles for their bach, for a weekend away with your besties!

5) Send out christmas cards.  Grinches find some funny grinchy picture (or even better take one yourself!) Last year I posted an open call on my facebook page to anyone who wanted an xmas card (I have alot of facebook friends) and posted out hundreds.. So it cost me a few dollars in postage but it was so worth it! I totally plan to do it again this year.  I’m planning to get my cheesy christmas themed photo taken soon and I’ll let you all know when I’m ready to star snail-mailling! YAY

This was my Xmas card last year – the rest are here 

6) Secret santa! Very holiday season-ish.. my birthday, my brother, sister and fathers birthday are all within a month or so of xmas so it a very expensive season for me.  But if you dont have this problem, secret santa is a GREAT idea.  Everyone loves recieving gifts and S.S. generally have a strict $$ price limit so you won’t blow the budget.  Getting something cute, funny or totally inapropriate over the silly season such a nice “feel-good” thing!  You can even sign-up on-line.  http://nzsecretsanta.co.nz/

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