I was laughing as I wrote the title to this.  Simplify one business – split it into three entities.  I guess that makes sense in a way. It’s what I’ve done, and am in the process of doing. My baby, the Rockwell Project is growing up, and getting more serious.

I’m not getting any less serious however, this rainbow unicorn is just simplifying.

The Esoteric Directory is here to stay – just getting it’s own domain name and site to live it’s own life! I’ll still be adding new people to it, growing the directory, maybe doing more with it – incentives. I don’t know… time will tell.

The Rockwell Project will be predominantly focused on Web Development, techy shit, e-elearning and Learning Management systems.  All very cool and I feel like they’re the right home here.

Create Magick

This is my exciting new baby.  I had a coaching session with Ginny West, a lovely lady I met at the Seven Sisters Festival. She coaches Esoteric and Spiritual businesses, or other beautiful people like you and I with their businesses.  It was really nice having some help and getting guidance to make some decisions from my heart and gut feeling not just my head.  Stepping out of over analysing things has been amazing!

I’m trying to be patient and do things well, as I’ve learning so much from building the Rockwell Project from a business operations point of view, so although I’m tell you about it now – cos I’m just too excited, it might be a few weeks before I have a website. I think that’s okay, cos I’ll have more to tell you!

Enjoy watching…


Florence xxx